Friday, February 10, 2012

The Career Arcade

As a kid, I never thought, “When I grow up I want to be a college administrator!”  Frankly I never had a career clue in my life and it bugged me that other people had such a clear direction.  I took the pinball approach, bouncing from this to that, building on what I learned along the way.  I figured out I was good at administration and that it was important for me to work at a place that had a mission I could wholeheartedly support.  For 15 years that has been Luther.  Some colleagues say working on a college campus keeps them young.  For me working at Luther keeps me hopeful:  hopeful for the future because of the genuine goodness I see in Luther students and the way they care about people and issues beyond themselves.  The sense of community and encouragement I’ve seen in Luther Ultimate is an example of that spirit.  Thank you for the way you inspire Luther staff and faculty. If I knew now bouncing like a pinball would eventually give me such a high score at Luther College, I would have started at the arcade a long time ago.

Karen Martin-Schramm
Assistant to the President

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