Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Start

If I Knew Then Now, which is read If I Knew Now starts today.  The project will be dynamic.  Multiple writings every week.  Contributors will include Luther Ultimate Alumni, Luther Faculty/Staff, and Luther College Alumni.  The project is reaching out to inspirational and influential people who do not fall in the categories above as well.  Luther culture facilitates strong connections inside and outside the college.  By calling on the talents of many people we can find creativity from a plethora of resources.  With many minds putting on their wheels we will see unlimited topics:  sports, competition, life, things to do in Decorah, Is it good to live in Iowa? (yes), greatness, etc.  The common thread between the expanse of topics is that the writers are giving you a piece of knowledge to ponder and practice.  Enjoy what you see here, be a fan of Luther Ultimate, and remember to assimilate and create ideas in your own life.

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