Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Conversation With Myself: Success helping Success

Sometimes looking back at my life up to this point, I sometimes think if I could have a conversation with the me of 15 years ago what would I say. Would I try to help myself avoid a mistake or failure? However now reflecting, I think the me of today would need to do more of the listening rather than speaking. I have had the privilege to go after many of my goals and reach them. I was very passionate and energetic, feeling that with God nothing was impossible for me. I wouldn’t accept no or failure, and always sought to separate myself by doing the things that everyone else was unwilling to do.
I chose to not fit in with the crowd, and decided that I would “pay now, and play later.” This approach helped me to walk –on to the Villanova University basketball team even after getting cut twice (I eventually earned a scholarship and significant playing time). I have lived out my dreams working at USA Basketball ; traveling the world with the best players and coaches in the game, and being a part of numerous gold medal winning teams even at the Olympics and World Championships.
Sometimes the biggest hindrance to success is success. It is tempting to relax a bit once you have reached certain goals or obtained things that you have really desired. However, while it is good to be able to slow down enough to enjoy your accomplishments, it is not good to rest on them.
Therefore, as I’m listening to myself I hear the BJ of yesterday telling me today: Never stop dreaming, never stop reaching. Your success is not for yourself, but serves to inspire those who are coming up behind you.

Coach B.J. Johnson
USA Basketball
Assistant Men's National Team Director
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