i2k moves to i2know.org.  Thank you to Elliot Trotter at Skyd Ultimate.  He built the site.

Congratulations John Anderson for relating the Titan mentality to spor and life. He is on Luther College and Skyd Ultimate.  Great analogy John!

Congratulations Adam Tlougan for creating a piece that is engaging multiple communities for Luther College and Skyd Ultimate.  We have really enjoyed your words.

i2k releases logo by Mandy Wubben.  Checkout the Meet the Owl tab.  Thanks Mandy for your great art skills.

Luther College has featured i2k on their facebook page Luther College.  Thank you to the awesome social media folks.  Be sure to check out Luther College.  It's a great place.

Way to go Tom Crawford.  He is featured in Skyd Magazine. Thanks to Skyd for picking up If I Knew Now two weeks in row.  It's hard to say whether this should be celebration or news.  However, Tom C has brought 875 viewers to i2k.  We cannot celebrate too much because Eric Meyer is special to us.  Meyer told us he could relinquish the view record graciously.

Congratulations to If I Knew Now writer Eric Meyer for being featured in Skyd Magazine in the Wednesday Dumps section, http://skydmagazine.com/dumps/.  Thank you for bringing over 800 viewers to If I Knew Now so they could enjoy your knowledge.  You can easily see when Eric is writing and when other writers are writing by following on Twitter, @ifiknewnow.

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