Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Writer Review: A Celebration

Writer Appreciation Week:

In celebration of the great writing and our writers' success on i2k, a quote from each writing in the i2k collection is part of this week's post.  Take a moment to reflect on what the authors have said.  If you are wanting more, look to your right and open up the whole piece.

Next week If I Knew Now will head to its own website.  In appreciation of the writers who have writing so far, the first piece on the website will be the piece that has the most page views this week.  So if you like a quote, dig into the full piece.  Then spread it to your friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter.  More engaged readers, means more meaningful local conversation.  More conversation, means more idea assimilation.  Give yourself and your community a chance to be creative and create new ideas this week based on the feed these writer's have given.  i2k thanks all of the writers who have written so far and the writers to come. i2k also thanks the readers who have broadened their perspective and passed the wisdom on to their communities.

Note:  All of the writings will be transferred to the website.  The page view winner will just have theirs re-posted at the top.

Powerful wisdom from powerful writing:

"You see, while the scientists stated their doubts and reasoning, the bumblebee didn’t listen. The bumblebee has faith in itself. As an athlete, more importantly as a human, you need to have a belief in yourself that far surpasses anyone else’s. Don’t let your parents, your professors, or your teammates limit your abilities by forming to their beliefs." Ben Skutnik in Think Like a Bumblebee, Train Like a Racehorse

"There is a point when you simply just cant force anything to happen.  At this critical point teams fall apart." Joe Wheelock in Between Good and Great

"Making food from scratch is good.  Sitting is bad.  Extended sitting takes years off your life.  Good:  I walk to work, and I take time to stand and cook my meals!" Eric Holthaus in Green Week

"Therefore, as I’m listening to myself I hear the BJ of yesterday telling me today: Never stop dreaming, never stop reaching. Your success is not for yourself, but serves to inspire those who
 are coming up behind you." B.J. Johnson in Success Helping Success

"Luther is unique in that you are able to continue striving towards excellence in a number of fields." Dave Curtis in Neo-Renaissance

"Have a strong core set of beliefs.  This will help  a ton:  I believe we all need a core set of principles that is our touchstone and guides us through the good and the bad that will surely come our way throughout life." Tom Crawford in Blessed in Core Principles 

"So, never hang your head, never count yourself out, and never give up. Negativity is infectious, but optimism is too." John Anderson in Attitude Reflects Leadership

"Second, even though reading is a solitary endeavor, I was helped towards my goal by many people." David Lietz in Read Right Now

"For me working at Luther keeps me 
hopeful:  hopeful for the future because of the genuine goodness I see in Luther students and the way they care about people and issues beyond themselves." Karen Martin-Schramm in the Career Arcade

"Technically speaking, you can only account for yourself, and make sure you are doing what you can to commit to the team. What about others around you? Maybe someone isn’t giving it their all, what can you do? I suggest being a teammate, a friend. " Adam Tlougan in The Accountability Ripple

Now click the writing to the right that you enjoyed most.  Find a new idea within the piece that you have not seen before.  Then hope that your favorite will be first on the new website.

Note Again:  All of the writings will be transferred to the website.  The page view winner will just have theirs re-posted at the top.


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