Thursday, February 2, 2012

Between Good and Great

I Michael Joseph Joe Tweeter Billy Wheeler Wheelock would like to discuss the difference between a good player and a great player.  Now those of you who know me- may think I am unqualified to speak on such a subject.  Normally I wouldn't object.  However, I have watched/played with/ been apart of some very good teams &players.  Not that any of that has helped me throw a flick, play in the wind, learn to lay out, or just be generally better at the sport-but that is beside the point.  In my experience, Good players make big plays happen even if they have to force them.  This may seem fine and dandy, but it can seriously hurt a team if you only have a collection of good players.  There is a point when you simply just cant force anything to happen.  At this critical point teams fall apart.  I would say that for those of you who were there, this is what happened to us at regionals my Jr. year (2010).  Everyone was trying to be the hero and in the end we lost to an Iowa State team we walked over twice prior.   

So then this brings up the question- what defines a great player.  In my opinion, which you can hate it or love it (see what i did there), a great player is some one who allows big plays to happen by executing every little detail to perfection.  Notice** you do not have to be touching the disc to facilitate big plays.**  I know it probably has been beaten into your head, but it cant be stressed enough.  Play your role and you will be a great player- try and force it and in the end things will likely fall apart.    

Side note- If you are unsure of your role on the team- just ask, anyone will tell you what they expect of you and what you need to work on.  No matter the attitudes it is an open and caring environment.  In the end Luther Ultimate (LUFDA) is all about free love.

Hate it or love it, LUFDA's on top.

Much love,

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